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UTEP Faculty Named to THECB Advisory Committees

Dr. Cassandra Lachica-Chavez and Dr. Beth Brunk-Chavez

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) has named to serve on two of its advisory committees.

Dr. Lachica-Chavez will serve on the ApplyTexas Advisory Committee, which focuses on initiatives to strengthen student participation and access to higher education. ApplyTexas eliminates the need for students to complete multiple admission applications. This committee meets quarterly to review ApplyTexas application policies for the upcoming academic year. Additional initiatives for this committee include counselors' suite enhancements, the FAFSA initiative, TREx interface, application alignment, and maintaining a data warehouse.

Dr. Brunk-Chavez will serve on the Undergraduate Education Advisory Committee (UEAC), which acts as a forum to discuss undergraduate policies that reflect the goals of the Texas higher education plan, Closing the Gaps by 2015. This advisory committee also offers recommendations regarding undergraduate education at Texas public institutions the Board of Regents. UEAC projects include (1) studying the current state of undergraduate education in Texas and providing recommendations for actions to maintain and strengthen Texas undergraduate programs; (2) making recommendations regarding a procedure for the regular evaluation of undergraduate instructional programs; and (3) working in partnership with other advisory committees on issues of particular interest and relevance to undergraduate education. This committee meets at least twice annually and is usually asked to make a three-year service commitment.